Who can participate?

To enter this competition you must be 18 years of age on the day of the submission, and own the exclusive rights to the image that you are submitting. If you are a finalist you will be asked to submit a model release form for any image of a human model. There are no restrictions on nationality or country of residence. If you are awarded the first prize your travel expense reimbursement will be capped at € 2,000.

You can not participate if you are (a) a professional photographer, (b) have direct family ties with any of the competition organizers or jury members, or (c) are employed by, or on contract with, Paris College of Art at the time of submission (Academic Year 16-17).

Who is considered a professional photographer?

This competition is designed to discover and promote talented emerging and mid-career photographers. If you make more than 75% of your living income as a photographer, you are not eligible for this competition. However, if you make some limited income from photography but it is not your primary profession, you are still eligible for the competition.

Do I need to be a student to participate in the student categories?

You should submit in the student categories if you are interested in pursuing your graduate studies in photography at Paris College of Art. The winner of the Student Competition: Fashion Photography will receive a € 7000 scholarship towards his/her Paris College of Art tuition for the Masters (MA) degree in Fashion Film and Photography; the winner of the Student Competition: Photography & Image-making will receive a € 7000 scholarship towards his/her Paris College of Art tuition for the  Masters (MA/MFA) degree in Photography and Image-making.

The scholarship is not a cash payment but a tuition reduction, so you need to be admissible and to enroll in the program in order to benefit from the award. Learn more about the admissions criteria and how to apply to Paris College of Art on www.paris.edu. Enrollment in the program is contingent on completing the application for admission, and meeting the eligibility criteria. Winners may defer enrollment for up to 3 years after being awarded the scholarship (i.e., the 2017 winner can enroll for AY 17-18, AY 18-19, or AY 19-20).

Can I enter an image in more than one category?

Yes, you can enter any given image in more than one category if it fits the guidelines of the category to which you are submitting it. There is a limit of three submissions per category per participant, with the exception of the student category, which is limited to one submission per participant. Each submission requires payment of a submission fee.

May I submit both color and black & white images?

Yes, you can submit all color images, all black & white images, or a combination of the two. You can even submit the same image in color and in black and white. Each image is considered a separate submission, except for the student category where one submission is a series of 5 to 8 photographs.

May I submit an image I took many years ago?

An image can not be more than 5 years old, i.e. it must have been taken after January, 2012. Images that have already received international awards are not eligible.

Can I manipulate my images?

You may crop your images and make minor adjustments in post-production (contrast, color balance, removal of unwanted objects) in all categories. If you make significant changes in post-production you should submit your image in the Constructed Realities category. If you submit an image series in one of the Student categories you are free to make all the manipulations that you see fit to one or all images.

How do I size images for submission?

The maximum file size is 4M and the max size of the image is 1500 pixels per side. There are numerous tutorials on-line on how to size images in Adobe Photoshop, iPhoto, or other programs. Please refer to these on-line resources as we are not able to provide individualized guidance on these technical questions.

Do I have until 11:59 pm (23:59) my time on April 15th 2017 to submit my entries?

No, submissions must be received by 11:59 pm / 23:59 Paris, France time, which is GMT + 1 hour. The submission portal will automatically reject ay submissions past that date and time.

What if there is a computer crash or any other technical difficulty and you do not receive my entry?

If your entry is corrupted or is not received by the entry deadline (23:59 Paris, France time on April 15, 2017) it will not be accepted. Any entries that do not meet guidelines or are missing components will not be reviewed either.

How can I pay my entry fee(s)?

You will pay your entry fee(s) by credit card when you make your submissions.

What if I have a problem paying my entry fee(s)?

You must pay the fee by credit card at submission. If you are having difficulty paying please email support@internationalfineartphoto.org.

Can I submit and pay for a few photos and then return days later and submit some more, as long as my total submission is under the total allowed maximum of images?

No, you may revise your entry as many times as you like PRIOR TO SUBMISSION. Once your entry has been submitted and the fee paid it cannot be changed.

What if I don’t have a model release form for my subject?

We require a model release for recognizable subjects so that we can publish the winning photographs. If you do not have a model release form for your main subject(s) we encourage you to obtain one. You can still submit the picture, but it can not be exhibited and published if the privacy laws of the country in which you took the picture require a release. Most countries do require a release unless it is a street photography or documentary that captures public life. However, in most cases a release is suggested if one person in particular is recognizable in the photo.

How will I know if I’m a finalist?

The finalists in each category will be notified by email in May 2017.

If I’m a finalist how do I prepare my final print submission?

If you are a finalist you will receive detailed instructions about next steps. Basically you will need to ship the print ready for exhibit (and subsequent donation to the Bibliothèque nationale de France archive, should you so wish). Ready to exhibit means printed (maximum size 120 c x 80 cm), signed and numbered (if you work in editions). You do not need to provide a mat and frame as all the pictures to be exhibited will be framed in a consistent fashion by the competition organizers in Paris.

If I am an award winner, how will I receive my award money?

Award winners in categories: Captured Human Experience, Staged Human Experience, Built & Natural Environments, Constructed Reality will receive their award by bank wire transfer. Award winners in the Student Competition categories will receive a reduction in PCA tuition. There is no cash awarded and the tuition reduction can not be exchanged for cash or passed on to a third party.